Please join Avery PTA today!

We strongly encourage you to become a member of the Avery PTA. Members make it possible for PTA to serve our children. It also gives you a voice for your children. Membership is only $10 and you will receive great discounts from local, state and national businesses simply for supporting our school. We request that each adult in the family sign up to be a member.

What does becoming a PTA Member mean?

By joining PTA and making your contribution (just $10 per member/spouse) you:

  • Support many of our school’s enrichment programs.
  • Have the opportunity to volunteer and become involved in your child’s school.
  • Receive information about school events, activities and programs.
  • Receive great discounts with our neighborhood school sponsors, simply by presenting your PTA card at time of purchase.

And these are just a few of the many reasons why being a PTA member REALLY counts! So join today! Help our school achieve the highest number of members in Georgia by signing up each parent/guardian. And ask grandparents and other family members to also support PTA—they get the same great discounts as you and all for only $10!

Ready to join?   Buy Now

***PTA membership:  Pay for “Parent/Guardian” first, then if you have more than one student, pay for a “Student” membership for them***